We setup the company on June, 23 2021 with a collaboration from 4 executive whom love to creates food, service and environment. We pass over our intention through sight, taste, smell, and sound that is hard to imitate. We proudly present our secret recipe of happiness through qualities ingredients that we handpicked for the costumer to whom had eat our food to feel like they have a full bag of happiness back to their home. If costumer think about a suki buffet that worth the money they must think about “Lucky Suki”

With the intention from our 4 executive, the first branch of happiness was opened on January, 27 2022 under the brand “Lucky Suki” a modern Chinese style suki with a area over 450sqm.


We see the opportunity in being number one, In the restaurant style called buffet, with the raw materials that we select the best quality and providing excellent service, on a modern image at a cost-effective price that everyone can access.

We pay attention to every step to impress our customers and come back to use our service again, with management from a quality team.